Residential solar energy is gaining ground despite opposition from retailers

Utilities are unable to stop the growth of residential solar energy Solar energy is quickly gaining popularity within the residential sector of the United States. Rooftop solar has become a very attractive prospect for many homeowners, especially now that photovoltaic systems are becoming much less expensive. Rooftop solar power systems are used as a way to allow homeowners to generate their own electrical power. These energy systems have, however, come under fire from utilities, many of whom suggest that solar power could great significant price disparity among consumers. Voters chose…

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Solar energy advocates call for action in Nevada

Advocates petition Public Utilities Commission to halt rate hike on solar energy Advocates of clean power in Nevada have rallied together to condemn the state’s anti-solar energy endeavors. The Nevada Public Utilities Commission is considering requests from these advocates to halt a rate hike concerning solar energy that was put into effect on January 1. The rate hike has become quite controversial in Nevada, as it has lead to one of the country’s most prominent solar energy developers, SolarCity, to abandon the state. Public Utilities Commission makes a controversial decision…

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Solar energy market sees rapid growth in California

California Solar Energy

 California may become a leading force in the solar energy market California has been working to incorporate more solar energy into its overarching energy plan. The state has proven itself a leader in terms of solar energy installations, boasting of more than 1,482 megawatts of capacity as of the first quarter of 2012, the second highest in the nation. Though it was beaten out by New Jersey in terms of solar energy installations, California may be rising to the top position in the energy market, according to a new study…

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SunRun reports that majority of Americans overestimate the cost of solar energy

Hydrogen Fuel - Funding

Cost an imaginary deterrent, according to SunRun A new report from SunRun, a leading solar energy company in the U.S., suggests that most Americans may not have a sound understanding of the cost of solar energy installations. As with other forms of alternative energy, cost has been a major roadblock in the advancement of solar energy. Many consumers in the U.S. have criticized solar energy as being too expensive to adopt. SunRun, however, suggests that these consumers are overestimating the cost of residential solar installations, and notes that solar energy…

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Sunrun report details the growth of the solar leasing market

solar energy

A new report from Sunrun, a solar energy company based in the U.S., suggests that millions of Americans are switching to solar energy. The report shows that third-party solar energy is becoming a more popular option amongst homeowners. Third-party solar, also known as solar leasing, is a way of obtaining solar energy by renting solar panels from an energy company like Sunrun. Homeowners can make use of these solar panels for a monthly fee, using the electricity they generate to meet various needs. Solar leasing has been a source of…

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