Residential solar energy is gaining ground despite opposition from retailers

December 1, 2016 0 By Erin Kilgore

Utilities are unable to stop the growth of residential solar energy

Solar energy is quickly gaining popularity within the residential sector of the United States. Rooftop solar has become a very attractive prospect for many homeowners, especially now that photovoltaic systems are becoming much less expensive. Rooftop solar power systems are used as a way to allow homeowners to generate their own electrical power. These energy systems have, however, come under fire from utilities, many of whom suggest that solar power could great significant price disparity among consumers.

Voters chose to support solar power throughout the country

During the election earlier this month, voters in many states were tasked with determining the future of solar energy. In some states, utilities supported initiatives that would have had a detrimental impact on the solar energy market, especially for homeowners. In Florida, these utilities sought to disguise their initiatives as beneficial for the solar space, but their initiative was ultimately struck down by voters. In other states, utilities have experienced similar setbacks in terms of energy policy, which has been good news for the residential solar energy space.

Residential solar energy may thrive with the aid of efficient energy storage solutions

Residential Solar Energy - Solar Panels on home rooftopsSolar power represents a potential threat for utilities. While renewable energy may not put these companies out of business, it may force them to make very dramatic changes to the way they serve customers and could lead to a major shift in the revenue generated by their services. Utilities are not the only thing holding back the growth of the residential solar energy space, however. In order for homeowners to take full advantage of solar power, they will have to make use of efficient energy storage systems. Such systems are being developed by companies like Vivint, SunRun, and Tesla.

Utilities may not be able to resist the growth of residential solar energy for long

Utilities remain the major barrier between homeowners and full adoption of solar energy, but this will likely change in the coming years. Greater pressure from both state and federal governments is forcing utilities to focus more heavily on clean power. Government policies are requiring utilities to cut down on the emissions they produce, which leaves them with little option but to embrace residential solar energy more readily

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