Switzerland to phase out nuclear power in favor of renewable energy

Renewable Energy - Switzerland Flag

Swiss voters show favor for renewable energy over nuclear power Switzerland voters have approved a new plan for the government to move away from nuclear power in form of renewable energy. The Swiss government is keen to replace aging nuclear reactors with new energy solutions in order to ensure that the country has a reliable source of sustainable electricity. Some 58% of Swiss voters approved the plan over the past weekend, which now requires the government to take action on phasing out nuclear power. Plan calls for nuclear power plants…

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Geneva has green-lighted ambitions geothermal power exploration program

The Swiss canton’s utility company is seeking potential geothermal sources in 33 municipalities. This new exploration program to look for possible geothermal power sources is part of the GEothermie 2020 project, a CHF 20 million ($20.2 million) project that the canton of Geneva’s utility company, Services Industriels de Geneva (SIG), launched last year to find sources of hot water naturally occurring under the ground, which could be extracted and used to provide heating or power electrical power generators. Initial tests in 2014 found hot water in the Lake Geneva basin…

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