Toyota has ambitious new plans for electric vehicles

Toyota Electric Vehicles - Toyota Hybrid Engine

Toyota intends to launch more than 10 new electric vehicles by 2020 Japanese automaker Toyota has unveiled plans to ramp up production on electric vehicles. The company believes that clean transportation is becoming more important and it must adapt in order to remain competitive in the global market. Toyota plans to launch more than 10 new electric vehicles by 2020. Some of these vehicles may be powered by hydrogen fuel cells, which have garnered a great deal of attention from the company in recent years. Hydrogen fuel cells remain a…

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Toyota’s new batteries could make electric vehicles better

Electric Vehicles - Toyota Car Ignition Button

Automaker is working to resolve issues with its new battery technology Japanese automaker Toyota is working to resolve issues with its new battery technology that it plans to release during the first half of 2020. The company believes that this technology could make electric vehicles much more affordable. Toyota has developed new solid-state batteries that have a high capacity for energy storage. The batteries are meant to replace their more conventional counterparts and could lead to a brighter future for electric vehicles. Battery life remains a problem for Toyota One…

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Toyota to launch new batteries for clean vehicles by 2022

Toyota clean vehicles - Hybrid engine

Automaker has plans to release its first solid-state batteries in 2022 Japanese automaker Toyota has announced plans to launch its new solid-state battery in 2022. The company has been working to develop new solutions for clean vehicles in order to make transportation more efficient and environmentally friendly. Toyota has extensive experience with battery technology and the company believes that its new batteries will help usher in a new era for clean vehicles. The new batteries could help make electric vehicles much more attractive to consumers. New batteries will help make…

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Toyota plans to sell innovative new electric vehicles by 2022

Electric Vehicles - Image of Dashboard Gauges

Toyota will be producing new electric vehicles by 2022 Japanese automaker Toyota has announced plans to begin selling long-range, fast-charging electric vehicles by 2022. The company has become heavily involved in clean transportation and intends to bring new clean vehicles to the market in the near future. Toyota intends to ensure that these vehicles appeal to consumers and plans to make these cars more efficient, less expensive, and generally more convenient for drivers. Toyota is expected to draw upon its extensive experience with clean technology to accomplish this task. New…

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Toyota to build a new company to develop electric vehicles

Automaker is creating a new venture in order to establish a stronger foothold in clean transportation Japanese automaker has announced official plans to create a new, in-house venture company. The new company will be dedicated to the development of new electric vehicles. Toyota has already been working on this plan for some time, as the automaker believes that the venture company will begin operations at some point in December of this year. The offshoot company is part of Toyota’s plan to focus more heavily on electric vehicles equipped with batteries.…

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Toyota to focus more on electric vehicles

Automaker has plans to develop a battery-powered, long-range vehicle Toyota has announced plans to focus more heavily on battery-powered vehicles in the coming years. The company has long held an interest in batteries, but much of its attention had seemed to be fixed on hydrogen fuel cells. Now, however, Toyota plans to produce long-range, battery-powered vehicles by 2020, which will likely affect its production of fuel cell vehicles in the future. Toyota is not likely to abandon fuel cells, of course, but its focus on electric vehicles is growing more…

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Toyota scientists make a breakthrough that could benefit electric vehicles

Scientists make a breakthrough in battery technology that could be good news for clean transportation Scientists working with Toyota have made a significant breakthrough that could lead to better battery technology. The breakthrough may allow for the development of smaller, longer-lasting batteries, which would make use of magnesium-based electrolytes rather than those comprised of lithium. This breakthrough may be a major benefit for clean transportation, making electric vehicles more accommodating of consumer demands in the future. Scientists managed to discover the battery improvement while working on a more effective way…

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Toyota takes on wireless charging

Electric vehicles may benefit from wireless charging technology Japanese automaker Toyota may be expressing strong interest in hydrogen fuel cells, but the company is also keen to continue its support of battery electric vehicles. The automaker has announced that it has acquired rights for wireless charging technology developed by Witricity. By acquiring the rights to this technology, Toyota’s plug-in electric vehicles, as well as its hybrid vehicles, will be able to adopt wireless charging capabilities, removing the need to plug these vehicles into an outlet. Charging proves problematic for consumers…

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Toyota moves to make electric vehicles more attractive

Toyota Prius electric vehicles

Toyota aims to sell more electric vehicles this year Battery electric vehicles have been losing favor with much of the auto industry recently due to lackluster sales around the world. While many automakers are still committed to the use of lithium-ion batteries, many are also beginning to embrace hydrogen fuel as the future for electric vehicles. Toyota is one of the companies within the auto industry that is taking an aggressive approach on both hydrogen fuel and lithium-ion batteries. The automaker has ambitious goals in mind for its Prius plug-in…

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Toyota announces ambitious plans for clean transportation

Toyota EQ

Toyota reveals plans for future vehicles Toyota continues its efforts to make clean transportation a more feasible reality. The company recently embraced hydrogen fuel as part of its future, but has now shied away from its work with other kinds of electric vehicles. This week, Toyota announced plans to introduce 21 new hybrid vehicles to the global market over the next three years. The automaker also has plans to launch a new electric vehicle later this year and a hydrogen powered vehicle by early 2015. New vehicles will be limited…

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