Toyota’s new batteries could make electric vehicles better

Toyota’s new batteries could make electric vehicles better

October 31, 2017 0 By Angie Bergenson

Automaker is working to resolve issues with its new battery technology

Japanese automaker Toyota is working to resolve issues with its new battery technology that it plans to release during the first half of 2020. The company believes that this technology could make electric vehicles much more affordable. Toyota has developed new solid-state batteries that have a high capacity for energy storage. The batteries are meant to replace their more conventional counterparts and could lead to a brighter future for electric vehicles.

Battery life remains a problem for Toyota

One of the most significant issues that Toyota is attempting to resolve is the lifetime of its new batteries. While the batteries have a high energy capacity, their performance is relatively low. This means that the batteries are not ideal for transportation purposes. Toyota aims to solve this problem, increasing the performance and lifetime of the batteries in order to successfully commercialize them. Mass production is also an issue that Toyota is working to resolve.

Automaker continues to show strong support for electric vehicles

Toyota is becoming heavily involved in the clean transportation space. The automaker has developed and launched its first fuel cell vehicle, but has significant interest in battery technology. The company believes that hydrogen fuel cells may play a major role in the future of transportation, but batteries may be a more attractive option for consumers. Batteries are significantly less expensive than fuel cells, which allows some electric vehicles to be more affordable than others. Toyota plans to release new electric vehicles in the coming years.

Toyota aims to compete with other companies involved in lean transportation

Toyota is just one of many companies that are working on developing advanced battery technology. Notably, Tesla Motors has made significant progress in this endeavor. The automaker has established a leading position in the market for electric vehicles. Toyota plans to compete with Tesla and other automakers in order to find success in the rapidly growing clean transportation market. If the company can commercialize its new batteries, it may be able to obtain a major foothold in the market.

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