London launches new program to make buses into clean vehicles

Clean Vehicles - Image of London

New program will support the use of clean vehicles in London Transport for London has announced a new program that aims to retrofit some 5,000 of the city’s buses in order to combat emissions production. Through the new program, the agency will be working with several bus operators and transportation companies in order to improve buses that are currently in operation. Many of these buses will be equipped with hydrogen fuel cell systems, which will generate electricity without also producing harmful emissions. Old vehicles have contributed to increasing air pollution…

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New hydrogen fuel station coming to London

ITM Power and CEME to develop new hydrogen fuel station in East London A new hydrogen fuel station is set to open in East London per a new deal between ITM Power, a leading developer of fuel cells, and the Center for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence (CEME). The new station will make hydrogen fuel more accessible, but there are a very limited number of fuel cell vehicles currently available in the United Kingdom. In October of last year, Toyota began delivering its first fuel cell vehicle, the Mirai, to Transport…

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New hydrogen fuel cell vehicles coming to London

Toyota is bringing 12 of its fuel cell vehicles to the United Kingdom Japanese automaker Toyota is bringing 12 of its new fuel cell vehicles to the United Kingdom. The Mirai, which was released in Japan in December of last year, is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell, which produces electrical power through the consumption of hydrogen. The vehicle does not produce any harmful emissions, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to its more conventional counterparts. Fuel cell vehicles can also be fueled more quickly than battery electrics, which often…

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UK government invests in a hydrogen fuel infrastructure

Government funding will help build new hydrogen fuel stations in the United Kingdom The United Kingdom’s Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills has announced that the government will be investing some $7 million into the country’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure. This funding is expected to increase the popularity of fuel cell vehicles, which are slated for release in the country later this year. Hyundai, one of the first companies to commercialize a fuel cell vehicle, has praised the funding initiative from the British government, claiming that it will help establish the…

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Hydrogen fuel cells may help extend the range of UK buses

Proton Power Systems develops promising new hydrogen fuel cells Proton Power Systems, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has developed a new fuel cell range extender that may help boost the operational range of electric buses and similar vehicles. Electric vehicles have become a very popular subject in the realm of public transportation, largely due to the fact that they represent an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional vehicles. Electric buses, in particular, have been receiving some strong support recently, but these vehicles have also been criticized for their limited…

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London’s hydrogen powered buses grounded for Olympic Games

Hydrogen Fuel Bus

Hydrogen-powered buses grounded for the duration of Olympic Games The UK government has chosen to make use of hydrogen powered taxis to ferry special guests around during the Olympic Games this year. The country’s hydrogen powered buses, however, will sit on the sidelines throughout the duration of the major sporting event. The move comes after Air Products, a producer of industrial gases and provider of the hydrogen fuel used by the UK’s buses, announced that it had successfully completed 1,000 refuilings of five hydrogen powered buses operating in London. Troubles…

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Hydrogen bus catches fire in London, forcing fleet out of service

Hydrogen Bus

 A hydrogen bus fire in London may dampen people’s willingness to accept the alternative fuel. The fire occurred amongst London’s first fleet of hydrogen powered buses last month. Mayor Boris Johnson has long been a staunch advocate for hydrogen fuel, but has come under sharp criticisms of late due to the tragedy. The entire fleet has been withdrawn from service for emergency modifications that will increase the safety of the vehicles and prevent such disasters from occurring in the future. The fleet of buses was launched at the beginning of…

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