Massive turbines could help UK wind farm generate electricity for more than 230,000 homes

Wind Farm Project - Image of Big Wind Turbine

Giant wind turbines are being installed at an offshore wind farm off Liverpool Bay The world’s largest wind turbines could help the United Kingdom generate enough electricity to power hundreds of thousands of homes. These turbines are being used at one of the country’s largest wind farms, which is an offshore system off Liverpool Bay. The wind farm is being developed by Dong Energy, and each turbine used by the project stands more than 630 feet high. Each blade of these wind turbines extends 262 feet. Wind farm will be…

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National Grid pays to shut down UK wind farms

Wind energy encounters unique problem in the UK The National Grid, one of the largest energy utilities in the United Kingdom, has issued over $8 million to wind farms throughout the country in order to temporarily shut them down. The funds are meant to provide the energy firms that manage these wind farms with a financial cushion while their systems are not producing or selling electrical power. The reason behind the move from the National Grid has to do with recent storms in the United Kingdom and the strong winds…

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