National Grid pays to shut down UK wind farms

January 1, 2014 0 By Stephen Vagus

Wind energy encounters unique problem in the UK

Wind Farm - Wind EnergyThe National Grid, one of the largest energy utilities in the United Kingdom, has issued over $8 million to wind farms throughout the country in order to temporarily shut them down. The funds are meant to provide the energy firms that manage these wind farms with a financial cushion while their systems are not producing or selling electrical power. The reason behind the move from the National Grid has to do with recent storms in the United Kingdom and the strong winds that these storms have produced.

Wind farms produce too much energy during winter storms

Winter storms have brought powerful winds to the United Kingdom, which means that wind farms have been producing more electrical power than they usually would. These wind farms have produces more energy than the National Grid can handle effectively. The problem, however, is that powerful storms left many people throughout the United Kingdom without electricity and turning off wind farms did not help to resolve this issue.

Wind continues to win support of UK government

Critics of wind energy suggest that the UK government is putting too much focus on wind power. The government is currently working to shift its subsidies in order to support wind projects more aggressively. Over the coming year, subsidies for solar power and other forms of clean energy will be reduced, with the difference being pumped into wind subsidies. Offshore wind projects are expected to receive the majority of financial support in the near future.

Focus on wind power may be too strong

Critics suggest that wind energy is not an ultimate solution to the United Kingdom’s energy concerns. Others forms of power, such as solar energy and fuel cells, have been gaining momentum throughout the country for several years, but the government has remained focused on wind power. Solar energy has established a strong following in the UK, but the support it is currently receiving will diminish throughout 2014.

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