Renewable energy and sustainability take a step forward in UK

University of East Anglia - UK Renewable Energy

UK continues to show strong support for renewable energy and sustainable construction Sustainability is not solely achieved through the adoption of renewable energy. Finding ways to use environmentally friendly materials in construction is also a step toward sustainability that often goes overlooked in the flood of attention that renewable energy receives. In the United Kingdom, construction is beginning to see something of a revolution as more focus begins to be put on sustainability and the use of clean technologies and materials. The University of East Anglia has recently won approval…

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Artificial photosynthesis makes progress in the UK

artificial photosynthesis University of East Anglia

Researchers set sights on artificial photosynthesis Artificial photosynthesis has been a topic of extreme interest within the field of science for several years. It is often considered one of the “holy grails” of various scientific focuses, and could have serious implications concerning the way the world uses energy. Artificial photosynthesis has particularly strong prospects in the realm of hydrogen fuel, as this process can effectively be used to efficiently produce hydrogen gas in high quantities. Recently, scientists with the United Kingdom’s University of East Anglia have been working on this…

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Norwich Research Park may be the cleanest building in the UK

Norwich Research Park Green Energy

Norwich Research Park aims to set a new standard in green construction The United Kingdom’s University of East Anglia will soon be home to the most energy efficient building in the country. The Norwich Research Park Enterprise Center will be built at the university and cost approximately $30 million. The facility is expected to be the “greenest” building ever constructed in the United Kingdom, employing various energy efficient practices and environmentally friendly materials in its construction. The building may also consume very little energy, if it can meet with efficient…

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Energy efficiency may help derail climate change

CleanWorld Alternative Energy News

  Climate change may be mitigated through energy efficiency Climate change is often a controversial subject, especially in the world of politics. The concept is gaining more attention, despite this controversy, as more focus is being put on the use of alternative energy. Both alternative energy and climate change are often tied together. As such, interest in one field often provokes interest in the other. With many countries around the world showing more support for alternative energy, they have also begun taking ways to mitigate the impact of climate change…

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