Walmart shows more support for hydrogen fuel cells

Walmart Store - Walmart to throw more support behind hydrogen fuels

Walmart to purchase more hydrogen fuel solutions from Plug Power Massive retailer Walmart will be showing more support for hydrogen fuel cells. The company has commissioned the aid of Plug Power, a leading developer of fuel cell systems. Plug Power will be working to help Walmart establish a distributed hydrogen fuel network for its operations. The hydrogen stations that the retailer will use will power forklifts that are equipped with fuel cells. Walmart already makes use of hydrogen-powered forklifts and the company is interested in adopting more of these vehicles…

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Walmart places order for more hydrogen fuel cells

Plug Power confirms receiving purchase order from Walmart for its fuel cells Plug Power, a leading developer of fuel cells, has announced that it has received a purchase order from Walmart. The expansive retailer has been working to become more environmentally friendly in recent years through the adoption of renewable energy and clean technology. Walmart has invested in both wind and solar energy and is now looking to make use of fuel cells as primary energy systems. The purchase order from Walmart tasks Plug Power with delivering its GenDrive fuel…

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