Report sheds light on growth of wind energy in emerging markets

New report shows that developing countries are targeting wind power Navigant Research, a leading market research firm, has released a new report that highlights the growth of wind energy in emerging markets around the world. Developing countries are beginning to show a great deal of support for renewable energy because of the economic progress that it represents. Many of these countries have begun turning to wind and solar power in order to reduce their consumption of fossil-fuels, thereby cutting down on their energy costs. While the adoption of clean energy…

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New wind energy project taps into crowdfunding

Wind energy company turns to the crowd to fund new project Crowdfunding has proven itself to be a powerful tool for various creative pursuits, but it may also be valuable to the world of renewable energy. Tapping into the financial power of the general population has turned many dreams into a reality over the years. People around the world have shown that they are willing to invest in projects they are interested in, even if their investment is only enough to cover the fraction of the cost of an actual…

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Wind energy to hit major milestone this year

Wind Energy - Wind Farms

Wind energy shows strong progress worldwide Wind energy has managed to acquire a great deal of momentum in recent years. Much of the world is beginning to grow more environmentally conscious, hence a rise in the support surrounding renewable energy. Clean power has prospects beyond the environment, however, and many countries have been turning to solar and wind energy to establish some economic stability amidst turbulent financial times. Wind energy is set to hit a major milestone in the coming months that will show how much progress this form of…

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Wind energy may have a promising future

wind energy support

Global wind energy industry could become a major boon for worldwide energy supply The Global Wind Energy Council and Greenpeace International have released a new report concerning wind energy and its potential to meet global energy demands. Wind powered energy has been growing in popularity all over the world, largely because of its economic promise and ability to provide countries with renewable electrical power. Countries like the United Kingdom and those with access to strong wind streams have been investing heavily in wind energy in the hopes of becoming more…

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