Wind energy to hit major milestone this year

Wind energy to hit major milestone this year

June 20, 2013 0 By Bret Williams

Wind energy shows strong progress worldwide

Wind energy has managed to acquire a great deal of momentum in recent years. Much of the world is beginning to grow more environmentally conscious, hence a rise in the support surrounding renewable energy. Clean power has prospects beyond the environment, however, and many countries have been turning to solar and wind energy to establish some economic stability amidst turbulent financial times. Wind energy is set to hit a major milestone in the coming months that will show how much progress this form of clean power has made over the years.

Global wind capacity to surpass 300GW

The European Wind Energy Association claims that global wind energy capacity will surpass 300 gigawatts by the end of this year. The organization has teamed with the Global Wind Energy Council in order to collect and analyze the data that went into this prediction. The organizations suggest that the growing economic benefits that could be had through wind energy are a major contributor to growing capacity.

Wind energy reaches milestoneWind energy gains strong support in Europe

European countries, in particular, have shown a great deal of support for wind energy in recent years. The ongoing financial crisis that has caused turmoil throughout the region has put emphasis on the benefits that could be had through the use of renewable energy. Some of these economic issues have been tied to continued reliance on fossil-fuels. Some countries are beginning to move away from fossil-fuels and wind energy has proven to be their most favored alternative.

Offshore systems are becoming more popular

Outside of Europe, wind power is still working to establish a strong foothold. Wind is gaining some momentum in the U.S., but legislative hurdles and financial concerns have inhibited this growth somewhat. Offshore wind energy is becoming more popular in countries that have access to large expanses of ocean, where powerful wind currents can be harnessed for electrical power.

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