Mexico wants to be a leader in the wind energy sector

Country has plans to aggressively support wind power Mexico has plans to become one of the leading powers in the world when it comes to wind energy. The country recently played host to a conference wherein the government outlined plans for energy reform. During the conference, government officials highlighted a legislation that would end the 75-year monopoly that oil and gas companies held on the country’s energy portfolio. This legislation is meant to increase the country’s focus on renewable energy, particularly that generated from wind resources. New energy reform legislation…

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Wind energy thrives in the United Kingdom

UK shifts focus to favor wind power more heavily Wind energy has made major progress in the United Kingdom. T he country has been showing more support for wind power in recent years, hoping to tap into its renewable resources in order to break its reliance on fossil-fuels. As an island nation, the United Kingdom has access to expanses stretches of sea territory and this territory is becoming home for new offshore wind projects that could have a major impact on the way the country receives its electrical power. Report…

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New wind energy project taps into crowdfunding

Wind energy company turns to the crowd to fund new project Crowdfunding has proven itself to be a powerful tool for various creative pursuits, but it may also be valuable to the world of renewable energy. Tapping into the financial power of the general population has turned many dreams into a reality over the years. People around the world have shown that they are willing to invest in projects they are interested in, even if their investment is only enough to cover the fraction of the cost of an actual…

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Wind energy losing steam in Denmark

Wind Energy Subsidies May Negatively Impact Wind Farm in Scotland

Denmark provides powerful example for wind energy Denmark has established itself as a powerful example in the wind energy sector. Like other countries in Europe, Denmark has been taking aggressive steps to embrace renewable energy. This is partly due to economic reasons, but also has to do with the country’s growing environmental concerns. Wind energy has managed to capture the country’s interests over other forms of renewable energy and Denmark is now being considered a leader in the wind sector. Tariffs help power growth in wind sector The success story…

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Wind energy industry braces for expiration of Production Tax Credit

Wind Energy Industry Tax Credit Deadline

Wind energy industry may soon lose support of Production Tax Credit The U.S. wind energy sector is in danger of losing a strong tax credit from the federal government due to congressional inaction. The Production Tax Credit, as it is called, is a major factor in the growth and success that the wind energy industry has seen in recent years. Backed by this tax credit, U.S. wind energy capacity has exceeded 50,000 megawatts, which is enough to power more than 13 million average homes. A congressional stalemate may put an…

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