UK ban on wind energy subsidies could hurt the Scottish wind sector

Scottish officials seek to remove ban on wind subsidies The United Kingdom is being urged to reconsider its ban on wind energy subsidies. This ban concerns onshore projects and severely limits the financial aid that energy developers can tap into when building new projects in the country. The ban on wind subsidies may be having a very detrimental impact on Scotland, in particular. The Scottish government suggests that the ban on wind energy subsidies will cost Scotland some $3.9 billion and make some environmental goals impossible to attain. The wind…

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UK revises energy plan to support offshore wind energy

Offshore wind gains more support in the UK The United Kingdom has been making changes to its energy plan recently. The country has become a staunch advocate of renewable energy, but its focused has been divided among various forms of clean power. This has slowed the progress of renewable energy somewhat throughout the country and the government is keen to fix this problem. The government has begun shifting its support from solar and onshore wind energy to offshore projects. Support for offshore projects spikes Offshore wind energy has become quite…

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Onshore wind energy subsidies cut by UK government

wind energy support

UK announces abolishment of subsidies that support wind energy projects The United Kingdom government has announced that it will be abolishing the subsidies it provides to onshore wind energy projects. Onshore wind energy has been the subject of controversy in the UK, as well as other countries, recently. Some of this controversy is centered on the possibility that some non-profit organizations, such as churches, are making use of the renewable energy systems in order to generate profit. Opponents of onshore wind energy systems have also raised concerns regarding the potential…

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