Onshore wind energy subsidies cut by UK government

Onshore wind energy subsidies cut by UK government

June 25, 2012 0 By Stephen Vagus

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UK announces abolishment of subsidies that support wind energy projects

The United Kingdom government has announced that it will be abolishing the subsidies it provides to onshore wind energy projects. Onshore wind energy has been the subject of controversy in the UK, as well as other countries, recently. Some of this controversy is centered on the possibility that some non-profit organizations, such as churches, are making use of the renewable energy systems in order to generate profit. Opponents of onshore wind energy systems have also raised concerns regarding the potential climate alternating effect large wind turbines may be having. Amidst the controversy, the UK government has determined that its subsidies used to support the wind industry will come to an end.

More than $500 million to be freed up by cut subsidies

The subsidies funneled more than $500 million to the wind energy industry each year for the development of onshore wind energy systems. The government had initially showed support for wind energy because of its growing interest in renewable fuel. The UK aims to make itself a leader in alternative energy and sustainability by adopting clean technologies, but this effort has caused a noticeable rift in the country’s politics. Many are divided on the issue of alternative energy and have shown resistance toward its adoption.

Existing wind energy projects expected to receive continued support from the government

The existing subsidies that are supporting onshore wind energy projects are expected to continue until their terms have expired. No new subsidies will be issued to wind energy companies and government officials believe that the support for onshore wind energy will run dry b the end of the decade.

Government action causing concern for UK solar energy subsidies

The cut to wind subsidies has caused some concern in the alternative energy community in the UK. Some believe that the country’s solar energy subsidies may be the next to be cut as the country appears to be moving away from its support of renewable fuels as a whole.


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