UK revises energy plan to support offshore wind energy

December 30, 2013 0 By Alicia Moore

Offshore wind gains more support in the UK

Offshore Wind Energy PlanThe United Kingdom has been making changes to its energy plan recently. The country has become a staunch advocate of renewable energy, but its focused has been divided among various forms of clean power. This has slowed the progress of renewable energy somewhat throughout the country and the government is keen to fix this problem. The government has begun shifting its support from solar and onshore wind energy to offshore projects.

Support for offshore projects spikes

Offshore wind energy has become quite popular in the United Kingdom, and especially Scotland. Offshore wind has a great deal of potential that the UK government is eager to take advantage of. Because the country has access to vast expanses of open water, wind developers have been flocking to the United Kingdom with their prospective projects. In the past, these developers have found only modest support due to the country’s focus on various forms of clean power.

Subsidies for solar and onshore wind projects to be reduced

Now the United Kingdom has moved to reduce the financial support it provides to solar energy and onshore wind projects. These funds will instead be used to provide subsidies to offshore projects that take root in the country’s waters. Subsidies for onshore wind and solar projects will begin to see cuts in 2015, just as subsidies for offshore wind begin to increase.

UK aims to be a leader in wind energy

The United Kingdom is working to establish itself as a leader in terms of wind energy and has much of its efforts to increase its use of wind power has been augmented by Scotland. Currently, Scotland is backing one of the largest offshore wind projects in the world, which is expected to provide the whole of the United Kingdom with a significant amount of electrical power when it is completed in the coming years.

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