Siemens wins major wind energy contract in the US

wind energy systems

Siemens tapped to build large wind energy system Siemens, a leading engineering and electronics company, has been awarded a contract to build the largest wind energy system in the U.S. The company has extensive experience in the wind energy sector and is responsible for many of the wind turbines that make up clean energy systems around the world. The contract for the new wind energy system was awarded to Siemens by the National Nuclear Security Administration, which has been showing strong interest in renewable energy for some time. Pantex wind…

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BP looks to sell off wind energy assets

BP aims to shed wind energy assets to focus on fossil-fuels British Petroleum (BP) has announced plans to sell all of its wind energy assets in the U.S. Despite the company’s name, BP has long been focused on diversifying its energy portfolio and accounts for several renewable energy assets around the world. The company is, of course, primarily focused on the production of oil. In recent years, BP has been showing more interest in renewable energy, particularly wind, but has begun to shift its focus back toward fossil-fuels. Wind assets…

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Wind energy industry may get some good news with new superconductors

Michigan - Wind Energy

New superconductors could help the wind energy industry The wind energy industry in the U.S. has received a lot of good news recently. With the extension of the Production Tax Credit, which financially supports many of the country’s wind energy projects, the industry has managed to secure at least another year of dynamic growth. Free from the worry of the Production Tax Credit, for now at least, the industry can now focus on the continuing enigma of efficient offshore wind energy systems. Scientists develop iron-based superconductor for wind turbines Scientist…

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Offshore wind energy gains momentum in US

Offshore Wind energy

Government begins to show more focus on offshore wind energy The U.S. continues to show support for alternative energy, despite some criticism that claims the Obama Administration is taking no action. Some of the perceived inaction may be due to the country’s “all of the above” energy plan, which has the government pursuing every viable source of energy that is currently available. This broad approach means that each sector of energy can receive only a limited level of attention. Some of this attention is now being directed at offshore wind…

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