Siemens wins major wind energy contract in the US

Siemens wins major wind energy contract in the US

May 31, 2013 Off By Alicia Moore

Siemens tapped to build large wind energy system

Siemens, a leading engineering and electronics company, has been awarded a contract to build the largest wind energy system in the U.S. The company has extensive experience in the wind energy sector and is responsible for many of the wind turbines that make up clean energy systems around the world. The contract for the new wind energy system was awarded to Siemens by the National Nuclear Security Administration, which has been showing strong interest in renewable energy for some time.

Pantex wind farm to be the largest of its kind in the country

As per the contract, Siemens will be responsible for building the Pantex wind farm, which will be the largest federal wind energy system in the country. The wind farm will be comprised of five of Siemens’ 2.3 megawatt turbines, which will be installed at the Pantex site in Amarillo, Texas. The wind farm itself is expected to generate more than 47 million kilowatt-hours of electrical power, roughly enough to power 3,500 average homes and remove 35,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually.

wind energyFederal government continues showing support for renewable energy

The Pantex wind farm is associated with an overarching endeavor from the U.S. Department of Energy concerning renewable energy. In 2000, Congress established the National Nuclear Security Administration, which exists within the Department of Energy itself. This organization is meant to manage the security of the country’s nuclear weapons, but is also involved in the research and support of various forms of renewable energy, as directed by its parent agency. The Pantex wind farm was born from the organizations efforts in the field of renewable energy.

Pantex initiative may draw more support to wind energy

Wind energy is quickly becoming more popular throughout the U.S. as the country continues to look for a viable alternative to fossil-fuels. Solar energy has also been gaining ground throughout the country. Siemens expects that the Pantex wind energy system will draw more support to the wind sector as it will help highlight the benefits that can be found through this particular brand of renewable energy.

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