Toyota launches new hydrogen fuel supply chain project in Japan

Hydrogen Fuel - Image of Toyota Vehicle

Automaker announces the launch of its new hydrogen fuel project Japanese automaker Toyota has announced the beginning of its Low-carbon Hydrogen Technology Demonstration Project. The project has been formed by Toyota and several of its partners and aims to implement and evaluate an efficient hydrogen fuel supply chain. This supply chain would be reliant on renewable energy and would provide hydrogen fuel for various purposes in Japan. The project is also meant to highlight the capabilities of fuel cell technology and how it can be used to power a wide…

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Toyota seeks to leverage hydrogen fuel to establish a carbon neutral supply chain

Toyota to launch a new pilot project that will make use of hydrogen fuel and renewable energy Toyota has announced that it will be working with numerous other organizations to launch a four-year pilot project. The project is designed to establish a carbon neutral supply chain, which will leverage renewable energy, particularly hydrogen fuel. According to Toyota, the project will serve as a demonstration of the role that fuel cell technology and clean energy can play in establishing a carbon neutral supply chain. Such a supply chain would have significant…

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