27 new hydrogen fuel stations came online in 2012

27 new hydrogen fuel stations came online in 2012

April 1, 2013 0 By Angie Bergenson

Hydrogen Fuel Stations

New hydrogen fuel stations bring global total to 208

Efforts to establish a worldwide hydrogen fuel infrastructure made some progress throughout 2012. According to an assessment by H2stations.org, an information website run by Ludwig-Bolkow-Systemtechnik, a consulting company, and TUV SUD, an international certification organization, 27 new hydrogen fuel stations were installed worldwide in 2012. This brings the total number of active hydrogen fuel stations throughout the world to 208 as of March 2013. In the latter months of 2012, several countries and governments began working to install many more new hydrogen fuel stations but these stations have not yet become active.

Germany boasts of expansive infrastructure

Eight of the new stations that were installed last year found homes throughout North America. Three new stations were reported in Asia. Europe boasts of the largest number of new hydrogen fuel stations coming online in 2012, with 16 stations operational. Many of these stations came online in Germany with the help of the country’s Clean Energy Partnership. Germany currently boasts of 33 active hydrogen stations, making it home to one of the most comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructures in the world.

Europe is home to most hydrogen fuel stations in the world

The assessment notes that Europe is home to 80 operational hydrogen fuel stations, making the region a very promising home for hydrogen-powered vehicles of the future. Infrastructure is considered one of the most important challenges that hydrogen transportation must overcome in order to be considered a success. Without an appropriate infrastructure in place, hydrogen vehicles are not expected to be well received among consumers, as they will be significantly more difficult to fuel simply because of the scarcity of fueling stations.

Many more stations expected to become operational in 2013

Hydrogen fuel has been receiving more support recently. In the beginning of 2012, hydrogen was largely considered an impossible venture in terms of renewable energy. Throughout the year, however, hydrogen began attracting more support from governments around the world, largely due to the interest that the auto industry holds in this form of clean power. Earlier this year, several countries announced plans to pursue the establishment of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure more aggressively, which may spike the number of hydrogen stations  that are expected to come online this year.

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