5 Reasons to Invest in Boat Covers

5 Reasons to Invest in Boat Covers

April 5, 2021 0 By Guest Author

After spending so much money on a boat, it seems as though the “other” things you need really add up. You need life preservers and a tow trailer…and a boat cover. While there are many boat covers that you can buy, it’s important to understand why it’s a necessary expense when you’re a boat owner.

Prevent UV Damage

Your boat is most likely going to be exposed to the sun, even when it’s not in the water. This means that the UV rays can cause a significant amount of damage. It can cause cracking throughout the interior, cause the paint to fade, and more.

Adding a boat cover will allow you to offer a layer of protection. It can ensure the harmful UV rays

Avoid Collection of Debris

While a few leaves here and there may not sound like a big deal, they can accumulate considerably over the span of a few days, weeks, or months. Additionally, when you don’t clean out the leaves quickly, it can encourage rot. All it takes is one rainfall to turn those leaves into a mushy mess. It can spread mold and mildew throughout the boat, leading to the need for expensive detailing.

Additionally, there’s other debris that can collect. Depending on where your boat is stored, tree sap can drip into the interior, candy wrappers and other debris can blow in, and more. A boat cover simply keeps the debris out so that your boat is always clean.

Keep Out Pests

A variety of pests may want to make your boat into a home. With the deck fully exposed, it can invite mice and rats to take up residence. When you have rodents on your boat, they can chew through the interior, eat cables, and much more.

Other pests may find their way on your boat from time to time, too. This can include birds (complete with bird droppings) and larger rodents. While many might just scurry across the boat, others might decide to stick around for a while. A cover prevents any from causing any trouble that could result in significant damage.

boats and salt damage if you do not use a boat cover

Protect Against the Elements

A variety of elements can have a negative impact on your boat. Although you may be used to salt from the water when you’re out and enjoying your boat, there’s a reason why you hose it down when you get back into shore. That salt can be extremely damaging. When you store your boat anywhere near the water, that salty water is spraying all throughout your interior – a cover can prevent that.

It’s not just saltwater, though. It’s also rain – why invite a bunch of water to rain down over the belongings in your boat and accumulate puddles that might not dry out for days or weeks?

Keep Prying Eyes Away

Whether you store your boat in a marina, in your driveway, or anywhere else, you don’t want everyone checking out what’s in your boat. You may have a lot of personal touches – custom covers, décor, fishing equipment, and more. When everything isn’t on display, it minimizes the possibility of theft.

Should someone want to steal off of your boat, they’d have to remove the boat cover. That takes time – and most people will not bother with it.

Make the Investment

With so many reasons as to why you should buy a boat cover, it’s a sensible thing to do. You made an investment when you bought a boat. Now, you want to protect that investment as much as possible. By buying a boat cover that fits tightly (not too tightly), you can have the protection that you need.

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