ACAL Energy announces new catalyst could be a fuel cell lifesaver

ACAL Energy announces new catalyst could be a fuel cell lifesaver

April 4, 2011 0 By Tami Hood

United Kingdom based ACAL Energy, one of the leading developers of hydrogen fuel cell technology, has been focusing their research in making a more affordable catalyst for fuel cells recently.

Current fuel cells use a catalyst made from platinum as a way to facilitate chemical reactions within the cell and generate hydrogen. These catalysts are largely to blame for the cost of fuel cells and one of the major factors withholding fuel cells from attaining mass market viability.

Some time ago, ACAL announced that they were working on a new catalyst but had not yet perfected its design. Now, the firm has announced that their catalyst will be ready for testing by summer of this year.

They are claiming that this will be a low-cost alternative to existing catalysts and will lower the cost of production for fuel cells by more than 40%

If test results are favorable, ACAL hopes to begin implementing their catalysts into stationary fuel cells, which are most often used for homes and industrial purposes, within three years. Hydrogen powered cars are a key focus for the company and they will continue to develop the technology necessary to make mobile fuel cells more viable.

Many fuel cell developers are expected to introduce their commercial models to the world by 2015. By that time, according to ACAL, fuel cells will have come far enough to be the primary option for alternative energy.