Air Liquide to build new hydrogen fuel stations in Denmark

June 26, 2014 0 By Angie Bergenson

Hydrogen Fuel - Denmark

Denmark will receive new hydrogen stations thanks to Air Liquide and its partners

Air Liquide, one of the world’s leading producers of chemical gases, has announced that it will be installing four new hydrogen fuel stations in Denmark. These fuel stations will be part of the Copenhagen Hydrogen Network, which has the backing of the European Commission. Denmark is currently working to promote clean transportation and has served as a test market for some fuel cell vehicles coming from the auto industry. In order for clean transportation to find success in the country, it must have a working hydrogen infrastructure.

New stations will help expand the hydrogen infrastructure being build throughout Europe

The new fuel stations being built by Air Liquid will serve as an expansion to the hydrogen infrastructure that is beginning to take form throughout Europe. The European Union has begun to focus on clean transportation as a way to significantly cut down on the emissions produced throughout the region. The adoption of fuel cell vehicles is expected to have a major impact on these emissions, but these vehicles will struggle to see adoption if they do not have the support of a comprehensive fuel infrastructure. Several European countries have been working to establish such an infrastructure.

Denmark continues to show interest in clean transportation

Air Liquide is one of the companies that is most actively involved in the development of hydrogen fuel stations throughout the world. In Denmark, the company will be working with H2 Logic to build the new stations in Denmark by the end of the year. Some automakers have plans to launch their fuel cell vehicles in 2015, but others are opting to wait until their favored markets have an established hydrogen infrastructure in place before releasing these vehicles.

Denmark could accomplish emissions reduction goals through focus on clean transportation

Denmark has served as a sort of testing ground for some fuel cell vehicles. Hyundai delivered its first production-level fuel cell vehicles to Denmark, where these vehicles are being used to showcase the benefits of clean transportation. Clean transportation is expected to help Denmark reach its emissions reduction goals by 2025.

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