Fortescue breaks ground on its Arizona Hydrogen plant

Fortescue breaks ground on its Arizona Hydrogen plant

May 13, 2024 1 By John Max

It’s the company’s first green H2 plant in the Grand Canyon State.

Fortescue, the global metal mining and green energy company based in Australia, has taken the next step in the development of its $550 million green hydrogen facility in Buckeye, Arizona, which it has named “Arizona Hydrogen”. It marks Fortescue’s first of other planned green energy investments in North America.

The 159-acre facility site could play a key role in decarbonizing the mobility sector.

The company recently took part in a soil turn ceremony at the green hydrogen facility, which spans 159 acres. Once up and running, Arizona Hydrogen is expected to generate as much as 11,000 tons of liquid green hydrogen every year.

There are high hopes that it will be a major contributor to decarbonizing the heavy-duty on-road transportation sector. If it achieves this feat, the plant could make a significant difference in lowering emissions in the southwest mobility sector, which presently consumes an estimated 5 billion gallons of diesel each year in heavy-duty-transport.

Arizona Hydrogen is expected to benefit the state’s economy.

According to a recent Fortescue news release announcing the project’s next phase, recent NDP Analytics economic data suggests that throughout Arizona Hydrogen’s two-year construction phase, as many as “2,244 direct, indirect, and induced jobs”, with potential earnings of $124.2 million in wages, could be generated. What’s more, the plant could add $187.8 million to the state’s GDP and produce a possible $31.7 million in income and sales taxes for state and local governments.

Arizona Hydrogen - whatsapp-image 2024-05 - 03 - at -14.51.42 - 11025f47 - Fortescue

Dr. Andrew Forrest AO is joined by state, local, and tribal leaders for launch of Arizona Hydrogen facility – Image Source: Fortescue

Once operational, it is expected that Arizona Hydrogen will employ 40 people at the actual facility, part of a possible 431 direct, indirect, and induced jobs that could earn $29.3 million in wages. Additionally, once up and running, the plant has the potential to bring $59.2 million to the state of Arizona’s GDP, and produce $9.1 million income and sales taxes for governments (both state and local) per year.

Paving the way for greater sustainability and clean energy in Arizona.

hydrogen news ebookArizona has been working toward building a clean energy economy and President and CEO of Arizona Commerce Authority, Sandra Watson, believes that “Arizona Hydrogen strengthens Arizona’s position as a national sustainability leader at the forefront of clean energy technologies and innovation.” Watson added that the plant is an “exciting milestone” for the state’s clean energy economy future.

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