Audi may soon reveal plans for a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

November 12, 2015 0 By Stephen Vagus

Audi has high hopes for fuel cells and could be revealing a new fuel cell vehicle in the near future

Officials at German automaker Audi have confirmed that the company is on the verge of showing off its new vehicle that is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell. The company has explained that the fuel cell vehicle will be more dynamic and more efficient than other vehicles that it has offered. One of the attractive features of the fuel cell vehicle will be its high range, as fuel cells are quite efficient when it comes to consuming hydrogen fuel to produce electrical power.

Automaker has been testing fuel cells for some time

Audi has shown interest in hydrogen fuel cell technology for some time. The automaker believes that fuel cells represent significant promise and could lead to a more environmentally friendly future for the transportation sector as a whole. Audi has been quietly testing fuel cell technology, hoping to make improvements that will allow fuel cell vehicles to be more attractive to consumers interested in clean transportation.

Automaker plans to phase out use of conventional technologies in transportation

audi logo - hydrogen fuelWhile Audi has yet to provide any specific details concerning its potential fuel cell vehicle, it is expected to be based on current models that the company is offering. The fuel cell vehicle is likely to be part of Audi’s 10-year plan, which involves converting most of the automaker’s current vehicles into electrical versions. Audi is not the only automaker that has such a plan, as Toyota is also working to phase out the development of conventional vehicles powered by gasoline.

Fuel cell vehicles are gaining more support

Hydrogen fuel cells are quickly becoming popular throughout the auto industry. These energy systems consume hydrogen fuel in order to produce electrical power. The problem, however, is that fuel cells are notoriously expensive due to their use of platinum. This makes fuel cell vehicles expensive by association, which limits their appeal to consumers. Another challenge facing fuel cell vehicles is the lack of a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure, which will make it difficult for those with fuel cell vehicles to keep their vehicles fueled.

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