Australia to be a hub for solar energy innovation

Australia to be a hub for solar energy innovation

July 22, 2013 0 By Angie Bergenson

SunPower heads to Australia to herald new generation of solar energy

SunPower, a leading developer of solar energy systems based in the U.S., has announced that Australia will serve as its hub for developing new systems and perfecting existing technologies. Solar energy has been seeing major progress around the world as more countries become interested in clean power. Some of these countries are adopting solar energy to mitigate their impact on the environment, but most are doing so for the sake of their economies. Through Australia, SunPower believes it can reach markets outside of the U.S.

Australia shows strong support for clean power

Australia has become very friendly to renewable energy in recent years. The county joins others in exhibiting high hopes for the economic prospects of clean power. The Australian government has been slowly investing in solar energy over the past few years, helping promote the adoption of this form of clean power among homeowners and businesses. Many government buildings in South Australia feature solar panels on their rooftops in order to reduce their consumption of increasingly expensive fossil-fuels.

Solar Energy - solar panels on roofSunPower aims to provide new energy services to businesses and consumers

SunPower will team with Diamond Energy, a prominent renewable energy company in Australia. Together, the two will work on developing new solar technologies and improving those that currently exist. SunPower is not just interested in developing new technologies, however, as the company believes that the solar industry can grow beyond the simple manufacture of photovoltaic panels and development of solar systems. SunPower envisions a future wherein the industry can provide energy services to consumers in the same way conventional utilities do today.

Financing proves challenging to new energy initiatives

Should the endeavor be successful, SunPower may help launch a new era for solar energy; one that could change the way people around the world access electrical power. The most significant challenge the company currently faces in this venture is financing. Funding has been relatively easy to attain in the U.S., but other countries have not yet embraced renewable energy as aggressively, thus limiting the amount of money that is available to clean energy companies.

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