Safra shows off its hydrogen coach at UITP Summit 2023

Safra shows off its hydrogen coach at UITP Summit 2023

June 12, 2023 0 By Bert Watson

The coach has been equipped with an H2-PACK kit.

Safra, a French company that specializes in the renovation of passenger transport equipment and a pioneer in hydrogen mobility, presented a hydrogen coach at the recent UITP Summit that took place in Barcelona last week. The hydrogen retrofitted coach features the company’s H2-PACK kit, which has been designed to convert a combustion-powered intercity coach into a zero-emission vehicle.

The H2-PACK retrofit kit is fully designed and assembled by Safra.

The retrofit kit allows the vehicle’s diesel engine to be transformed into a zero-emission hydrogen-electric powertrain. The original diesel engine is replaced by a 350 kW Dana electric motor that receives power from a 100 kW (70 kW useful) Plastic Omnium fuel cell.

According to Safra, the H2 used by the hydrogen coach is stored in six tanks, which have been integrated into an area of the vehicle that is separated from the passengers by a watertight, ventilated and secure partition. The tanks allow for 35 kg of hydrogen to be carried on board, delivering a maximum range of 500 km.

The hydrogen coach presented at the event belongs to the Occitanie Region.

This is France’s second-largest region by surface area, and it has commissioned Safra with retrofitting 15 of its intercity coaches.

Hydrogen Coach H2-PACK - D-1 to the opening of the UITP Global Public Transport Summit -1685905875217 - Image Credit - Safra

Hydrogen Coach H2-PACK – D-1 to the opening of the UITP Global Public Transport Summit – Image Credit: Safra

The H2-PACK retrofit offers a number of advantages, but most notably offers economical and ecological benefits. For instance, the cost of converting an existing bus or coach into a zero-emission vehicle is much cheaper than buying a brand new vehicle. Additionally, certain on-board components can remain without needing to be reinstalled, such as ticketing equipment, also saving on cost.

As for being eco-friendly, the retrofit extends the life of the vehicle, postponing the need for a replacement by several years. Finally, as a hydrogen coach, the same vehicle is able to circulate in LEZ (Low Emissions Zones), which was not possible before.

Safra Hycity.

hydrogen news ebookBeyond its H2-Pack Retrofit kit, Safra has also manufactured a full-hydrogen bus called the Hycity. So far, about twenty vehicles have been ordered, and the company is continuing to expand its facilities to ramp up production and meet the growing demand from customers eager to establish hydrogen ecosystems.

Like the hydrogen coach it retrofitted for the Occitaine Region, Safra will present its Hycity zero-emission bus at an industry event. This time around, their H2 bus will debut this October at the Busworld trade show in Brussels.

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