Bloom Energy hydrogen fuel cell installed in Japan

November 28, 2013 0 By John Max

Company’s first Japanese fuel cell is now active

Hydrogen Fuel Bloom Energy - JapanBloom Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced the completion of its first international installation of one of its fuel cells. The fuel cell was installed at SoftBank’s M-Tower in Fukouka, Japan. SoftBank is one of Japan’s largest telecommunications organizations and Internet providers and has been showing a strong interest in fuel cells for some time. These energy systems have garnered a great deal of attention from telecommunications companies around the world because of their ability to reliably provide electrical power to network towers located in remote regions.

Bloom Energy works to break into new markets

Bloom Energy has been working to expand into new markets around the world in recent years, hoping to follow the growing demand for hydrogen fuel cells. Japan currently represents one of the most attractive markets for fuel cells due to the fact that the country already boasts of one of the largest fuel cell networks in the world. Fuel cells are often used to power homes in large cities and these energy systems can also provide heat for these properties. As more Japanese consumers become exposed to the capabilities of fuel cells, the more they want to use these energy systems for their own benefit.

Businesses show strong interest in fuel cells

Homeowners are not the only ones showing interest in fuel cells, of course. Bloom Energy notes that several Japanese businesses are growing more interested in renewable energy in general. As such, fuel cells have been receiving more attention from the business community, especially from telecommunications companies that need access to reliable sources of electrical power.

Joint venture could be a major success for Bloom Energy

SoftBank formed a partnership with Bloom Energy in July of this year, through which both companies plan to expand the use of fuel cells throughout Japan. The partnership has opened up the Japanese market to Bloom Energy, giving the company access to a multitude of potential customers that could help make it one of the largest and most successful fuel cell developers in the world.

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