BMW pins hopes on electric vehicles

BMW pins hopes on electric vehicles

June 30, 2015 0 By Bret Williams

BMW plans to make electric versions of all its current vehicle models

Automaker BMW has plans to make all of its current models into electric vehicles in the coming years. The company has become very interested in clean transportation in recent years, seeing promising opportunities in the development of vehicles that produce no carbon emissions. Like other automakers, BMW is feeling pressure to comply with emission regulations in primary markets. This is pushing automakers to develop cleaner vehicles in order to continue participating in these markets.

New electric vehicles to be produced by BMW in the coming years

BMW initially revealed its intention to produce more electric vehicles some years ago, but had not announced definitive plans to do so until very recently. The company now intends to release an electric version of all its current models in the coming years. The automaker will also be developing a plug-in hybrid for some of its best selling models, such as the 3 series. BMW also intends to reduce the overall weight of these vehicles in order to reduce their consumption of energy and fuel.

Auto industry continues to show strong interest in clean transportation

bmw Electric Vehicles The auto industry has become very involved in clean technology in order to make low and zero emission vehicles. Electric vehicles have been around for years, but automakers have only recently been increasing the production of these vehicles. They have also been investing in the infrastructure necessary to support these vehicles. Without infrastructure, electric vehicles have limited appeal to consumers. New charging stations make it easier to keep these vehicles operational and reduces range anxiety among drivers.

Automakers show interest in fuel cells as well as batteries

BMW is not the only automaker interested in clean transportation, of course. Several others have begun developing electric vehicles in earnest and have shown a strong interest in hydrogen fuel cells. While these energy systems are expensive to produce, they generate electrical power, making vehicles that use them clean. Batteries are, thus far, more attractive to automakers, however, due to their relatively low cost when compared to hydrogen fuel cells.

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