Brazil looks to put an end to energy poverty with the help of Canada

Brazil looks to put an end to energy poverty with the help of Canada

December 26, 2011 0 By Erin Kilgore

Energy poverty is a major issue in developing countries.

Economically poor communities without abundant access to electricity have been known to have a difficulty developing strong infrastructures. Alternative energy has emerged as a viable way to combat energy poverty as it allows communities to make use of what is, essentially, free energy. Fabio Rosa, an entrepreneur from Brazil, has gained access to more than 560 solar panels provided by Canadian Solar Solutions. He will use these panels to bring energy to impoverished communities throughout the Amazon.

Rosa envisions his project as a very special Christmas present to communities struggling to keep up with a world of advancing technologies and shifting principles. The $1 million project is one of the most ambitious of its kind in South America. Once completed, the solar panels will provide free electricity to several communities in the Amazon.

The electricity will be used to power homes, but will also be used to power new water treatment facilities and mechanic water pumps that will bring clean drinking water to the region.

Alternative energy has been targeted as a way to put an end to energy poverty. Rosa believes that the use of alternative energy will be a turning point for humanity, one that will enable the whole of the world to move away from harmful fuels and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Rosa claims that one of the best places to start putting alternative energy to use is with impoverished communities.

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