California aims to fund development of hydrogen fuel infrastructure

December 9, 2013 0 By Tami Hood

New funding announced for infrastructure projects

Hydrogen Fuel Cell FundingThe California Energy Commission has announced that it is offering up to $100 million for new projects concerning the development of the state’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure. The funding will be made available in 2015 and will be provided to projects that highlight innovative solutions to the state’s infrastructure problem. California is set to be a proverbial battleground for clean transportation in the coming years, with automakers releasing their hydrogen-powered vehicles in the state beginning in 2014.

Infrastructure may secure success of hydrogen-powered vehicles

A comprehensive fuel infrastructure is needed in order for hydrogen-powered vehicles to become a success. Consumers have already shown some interest in these vehicles, but the lack of fuel stations has been one of their greatest concerns. Indeed, the lack of a sufficient infrastructure may be the primary reason many people will choose not to purchase a hydrogen-powered vehicle, though the high cost of these vehicles is also a problematic issue for many.

Funding to aid in the construction of new fuel stations

In order for a hydrogen fuel infrastructure to take form in the state, a significant amount of financial aid is needed from the state itself. The $100 million that the California Energy Commission is offering will be dedicated to projects that highlight efficient hydrogen production methods and effective fueling technologies. Much of the funding is expected to support the building of new fuel stations and will also likely go toward upgrading existing fuel stations so they can accommodate a new generation of vehicles.

Automakers have high hopes for the Californian market

California has been working to establish a working hydrogen infrastructure for some time, but its efforts toward this goal have only begun gaining significant momentum over the past three years. The state is often considered an ideal market for the auto industry and many automakers have high hopes for their hydrogen-powered vehicles due to the habits and interests of Californian consumers. Without an infrastructure, however, no degree of consumer support is likely to ensure the success of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

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