California gets 19 new clean energy laws

California gets 19 new clean energy laws

October 3, 2012 0 By John Max

California Clean Energy Laws

Clean energy laws signed by Governor Jerry Brown

Climate change, clean energy, and efficiency have been getting a great deal of attention in California recently. The state has long been a champion for clean energy and sustainability, but, like others throughout the country, politicians have been less than enthusiastic to throw their support behind these issues. This seems to have changes over the past few months, however, as the Legislature approved 19 new clean energy bills that could boost the state’s adoption and use of solar, wind, and other renewable fuels. Late last month, each of these bills was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.

Bill limits the fees local governments can charge on rooftop solar energy installations

One of these bills is California Senate Bill 1222. This legislation aims to standardize and limit the fees city and county governments can charge for rooftop solar energy installations. The costs associated with these clean energy systems, largely imposed by local governments, have led many businesses and homeowners to shy away. By reducing the fees these consumers face, legislators hope that the adoption of rooftop solar energy installations will see a boost.

California forms partnership with Department of Defense

Another bill called the Energy Security Coordination Act of 2012 means to strengthen the relationship between California and the U.S. military. The legislation tasks the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research to serve as liaison between California and the Department of Defense on matters concerning clean energy policy and the implementation of new technology and trials for such technology. The Department of Defense currently has a heavy interest in clean energy and its partnership with the Californian government could bring the agency’s clean energy plans to the state.

California continues to lead the way on sustainability

California is again showing its support of clean energy and sustainability and proving that it can lead the nation on these fronts. The legislative landscape of the state has never been more accommodating of clean energy policies and California is expected to benefit greatly from the 19 new clean energy laws that were passed. The economic benefits alone are enough to secure continued support for sustainability measures for years to come.

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