California updates status of several alternative energy projects

California updates status of several alternative energy projects

September 9, 2011 0 By John Max

California is often considered the cradle of alternative energy.

The state was one of the first to adopt renewable fuel and draft legislations concerning its use. Today, the state is home to more electric and fuel cell vehicles than any other in the nation. It is also home to the most extensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure in the country, with two major fueling stations being added to its portfolio by the end of this year. Now, the state has released information regarding the myriad alternative energy operations it has been conducting.

The California Energy Commission has released a document entitled The Investment Plan for the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program. The report updates the progress of many of the state’s eco-friendly projects. It also provides a reliable barometer for the general legislative attitude in regards to alternative energy.

According to the report, the state plans on installing 2,860 new charging sites where electric vehicles can be recharged.

There are plans to develop a fleet of 700 heavy-duty trucks that will operate on natural gas an hydrogen fuel. The Energy Commission will also be utilizing surplus funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, totaling $124 million, and investing this money into new projects, such as the broadening of a hydrogen infrastructure.

California continues to take bold steps toward a sustainable future, showing that progress, while sometimes painful, is not impossible.

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