California works to promote electric vehicles among low-income families

January 31, 2014 0 By Stephen Vagus

Clean transportation could come to low-income families in California

Electric Vehicles - CaliforniaClean transportation is beginning to gain traction throughout the U.S. as the hype surrounding electric vehicles continues to grow. California is expected to remain one of the most promising markets for these vehicles, especially as the state introduces new initiatives that are designed to promote the adoption of clean transportation. The California Air Resource Board is working on a new initiative that is meant to mitigate the costs associated with electric vehicles, making them significantly more attractive to low-income families.

Clean vehicles are often too expensive for many people to acquire

Clean transportation is not an inexpensive matter. Battery technology and fuel cells are quite costly to produce and the costs that automaker incur are typically transferred to consumers, represented in the price of a vehicle. While some consumers may be able to afford an electric vehicle with little difficulty, low-income families may not be able to do so, but these people are likely to find the most benefit from making use of electric vehicles as they will no longer have to pay for costly gasoline.

New initiative is designed to make electric vehicles more available to a wider range of people

The California Air Resource Board’s new initiative is designed to offset the financial impact of transportation costs. The organization estimates that the average U.S. household spends as much as $10,000 a year on transportation. For families earning $20,000-30,000 a year, this represents a significant degree of financial strain. The relatively high cost of transportation could also be affecting the mobility and work opportunities of low-income families.

Initiative may help boost economic activity in California

The California Air Resource Board is now offering vouchers to low-income families that are interested in electric vehicles. These vouchers start at $2,500 and are meant to reduce the costs associated with acquiring an electric vehicle. State officials expect that the voucher initiative will be a strong investment for California. As low-income families become more mobile, they are likely to find better jobs that allow them a higher degree of financial security. Along with this financial security comes increased participation in the state’s economy.

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