Carson City, Nevada, to be home to new hydrogen fuel station

Carson City, Nevada, to be home to new hydrogen fuel station

April 19, 2012 0 By Stephen Vagus

H2 Technologies to build hydrogen fuel station that could be profitable on first day of operation. 

Nevada’s Carson City will be home to a new hydrogen fuel station this year. The station is being developed by the H2 Technologies Group, an organization specializing in the development of hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen gas production. The hydrogen fuel station is another step in the state’s work to establish an infrastructure that will be capable of supporting hydrogen-powered vehicles. These vehicles are expected to reach the commercial market within the next few years, as automakers put the finishing touches on their hydrogen fuel cell technologies.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the station is that H2 Technologies believes it will be profitable on the first day it begins operating.

This is a bold claim considering the often massive cost of hydrogen energy systems. Fuel cells are notoriously expensive, which has been one of the primary reasons behind their slow progress and adoption in the U.S. and around the world. H2 Technologies notes that the fuel station will be equipped with an electrolyzer that will be used to separate water from its compound elements: Oxygen and hydrogen. The hydrogen will be used to fuel vehicles, of course, but the oxygen will be sold off to medical and industrial companies where it can be used for various purposes.

Fuel cells use hydrogen to produce electricity through chemical conversions.

This process creates two byproducts: Water and oxygen. The water is clean enough to drink because it has been vaporized by the high temperatures produced by the fuel cell and the oxygen produced by the system is pure enough to be useful to businesses. This system is expected to fuel up to 80 hydrogen-powered vehicles every day. If the station does not reach this standard, however, it will still be able to turn a profit because the excess hydrogen and oxygen it produces can be sold off.

The Carson City hydrogen fuel station is located approximate 200 miles away from Oakland, California, which is home to its own fuel station. The proximity of these stations is expected to be beneficial to the establishment of hydrogen-powered transportation as it will alleviate some of the stress related to hydrogen fuel.

Article: Cason City, Nevada, to be home to new hydrogen fuel station
Article Source: Hydrogen Fuel News
Author: Stephen Vagus

Cason City, Nevada, to be home to new hydrogen fuel station

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