China aims to throw more support behind electric vehicles

October 7, 2015 1 By John Max

Government intends to develop a better infrastructure to support electric vehicles

The Chinese government intends to speed up the construction of a national network designed to charge electric vehicles. The country has become more supportive of clean transportation in recent years, looking to reduce the emissions found in its largest cities. These emissions have been linked with serious health concerns and several cities have begun taking steps to limit the number of conventional vehicles on their roads and support clean vehicles. The Chinese government wants to see 5 million clean vehicles on the country’s roads by 2020, but the country will need a comprehensive infrastructure in order to accomplish this goal.

More charging stations may make electric vehicles more attractive to consumers

A relatively small number of electric charging stations has slowed the adoption of clean vehicles in China, just as it has done in other countries. China has made some progress in solving this issue, but this progress may be going to slow for the country’s clean transportation plans. According to China’s National Energy Administration, however, suggests that there has been a lack of coordination in the development of a comprehensive infrastructure that can support electric vehicles. As such, the country is still lacking the number of charging stations needed for clean vehicles to be attractive to consumers.

Public car parks will have their own charging stations

Electric Vehicles - ChinaThe Chinese government plans to issue an outline that will provide guidance in the development of a charging infrastructure. One of the details about the plan that the government has revealed is that it aims to ensure that at least one in ten public car park facilities have electric charging stations. This is expected to make clean vehicles more popular among consumers, especially when combined with tax cuts provided by the government to make these vehicles more attractive.

Fuel cell vehicles are gaining more attention in China

China is quickly becoming a prominent clean transportation market, with many automakers planning on bringing more of their electric vehicles to the country. Fuel cell vehicles, in particular, have begun gaining traction in China, but the country lacks a hydrogen fuel infrastructure to make these vehicles commercially viable.

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