China introduces new subsidy to support solar energy

August 2, 2013 0 By Tami Hood

New subsidy designed to support small-scale solar energy projects

China has been working to renovate its domestic solar energy industry lately due to the problems caused by a former trade dispute with the European Union. Several large manufacturers within the country that have been struggling financially have lost government support, which has been re-attributed to smaller companies producing photovoltaic modules and other solar technologies. China’s efforts to reform the solar industry are not just focused on businesses, of course, as the country is keen to see the adoption of solar energy grow exponentially within its own borders.

Projects expected to benefit from government action

The Chinese government has launched a new subsidy that is designed to boost the adoption of solar energy throughout the country. The subsidy is designed to support small-scale solar projects with total capacity below 6 megawatts. These small-scale projects are typically suited for residential energy purposes, being installed on rooftops of homes and small buildings around the country. The new subsidy is expected to lead to a major boost in the development of these projects and expedite their completion.

Small-scale projects exempt from grid connection costsChina Solar energy support

The government has also taken steps to ensure that small-scale solar energy projects can take form within the country more easily. Small-scale projects are no longer required to receive approval from the Central Government. Many of these projects will also be exempt from the costs associated with connecting solar systems to the country’s existing energy grid. These measures offset the financial burden of solar energy projects and help make China a more attractive home to these projects.

China continues to reform its domestic solar energy industry

China’s trade dispute with the European Union has come to a close, allowing the country to make bold steps to address the various issues that exist within its native solar energy sector. The primary issue has to do with infrastructure as the country’s current energy grid is not designed to accommodate power that is not generated through the use of fossil-fuels.

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