China sets new goal for solar energy

October 31, 2013 0 By Bret Williams

China continues to make progress on the solar energy front

China has made significant progress in its pursuit of renewable energy over the past several years. The country is one of the largest consumers of fossil-fuels in the world and the emissions produced by these fuels are beginning to have an impact on the health of its citizens. Indeed, the emissions produced by the country’s fossil-fuel energy systems can flood some of its larger cities in a proverbial sea of smog, making it nearly impossible for people to see their own hands in front of their faces.

Solar power could help clean Chinese cities

Solar energy has become one of China’s most favored forms of clean power. The country has played a major role in the adoption of solar energy around the world. China has invested its industrial might into producing photovoltaic modules, which are then shipped to other countries. These photovoltaic modules have flooded the global market, making solar energy systems less expensive and more accessible to a wider range of consumers. China is not only focused on producing low-cost modules, however, as it is also working to increase its own solar energy capacity.

China Solar Energy20GW of distributed capacity set for 2015

China has established a new goal of reaching 20 gigawatts of distributed solar energy capacity by 2015. Currently, the country represents only 2 gigawatts of distributed solar capacity, with another 6 gigawatts expected to come online by the end of 2014. New capacity will come from projects that are taking root in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou, all of which have been suffering from intense smog over the past several years.

China drives demand for solar energy in Asia

China is currently driving the demand for solar energy in Asia, followed closely by Japan. Both countries have ambitious goals when it comes to solar energy and seek to benefit from the economic prospects that solar power represents. China also has an interest in how solar energy will reduce its impact on the environment and help rid its largest cities from the smog that could be causing serious health problems for their inhabitants.

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