New partnership seeks to promote renewable energy and fight climate change

October 31, 2013 0 By Tami Hood

Renewable energy and climate change are the focus on a powerful new partnership

The west coast of North America has banded together in order to fight climate change. The governments of British Columbia, California, Oregon, and Washington have entered into a new partnership in order to reduce harmful emissions and accelerate the adoption of renewable energy. This partnership is called the Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy and is one of the first of its kind to be focused on derailing climate change specifically.

Climate change continues to be a complicated issue

Climate change is a controversial issue, especially in the U.S. While many agree that changes to the world’s climate are happening, the general public as well as government officials often question whether these climatic changes are caused by humans. Other refuse to believe climate change is real, largely due to the apocalyptic hyperbole that has come to surround the issue. The new partnership is not focused on politicizing climate change, so the exact causes behind the phenomenon are not likely to receive the majority of its focus.

Renewable Energy PartnershipMassive partnership could accelerate the adoption of renewable energy

The partnership represents more than 53 million people across three U.S. states and one Canadian province, which have a combined gross domestic product of $2.8 trillion. This makes the region the fifth largest economy in the world and home to some of the strongest advocate of renewable energy. The sheer size of the partnership is expected to have a major impact on how renewable energy is perceived in the U.S. and Canada, especially as its participants begin replacing fossil-fuels with cleaner forms of power.

New emissions limits to be adopted by participating states

The partnership will aim to cut emissions production significantly over the coming years. It will leverage the power of California’s cap-and-trade program in order to limit the emissions that businesses can produce while promoting renewable energy as a feasible alternative to fossil-fuels. Oregon and Washington will adopt new emissions limits of their own in order to help the partnership reach its overarching goal.

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