Clean transportation continues to have a positive impact on California’s economy

December 3, 2014 0 By Erin Kilgore

Energy organization finds that collaboration in California has helped clean vehicles thrive

California is becoming a very promising locale for clean transportation. Next 10, an organization focused on renewable energy, has found that various collaborations among Californian companies, government agencies, and universities have created several new companies and initiatives that are helping launch electric vehicles. These companies and initiatives are also helping an electric charging infrastructure take form throughout the state and several new software applications focused on clean transportation are being launched as well.

Southern California is becoming a promising market for electric vehicles of various kinds

Southern California is currently the state’s fastest growing market for zero emission vehicles, according to Next 10. From 2012 to 2013, the number of registered electric vehicles in Southern California reached 23,000 and these vehicles currently account for 39% of the state’s zero emission cars. Electric vehicles are most popular in both Los Angeles and Orange county. The number of natural gas vehicles in these counties has also reached 16,000. While these vehicles still produce emissions, they produce significantly less than conventional vehicles.

Fuel cell vehicles will soon establish a foothold in California

Clean transportation - CaliforniaFuel cell vehicles are still quite rare in California. Many automakers have plans to begin launching hydrogen-powered vehicles next year and have been investing in the development of a working hydrogen fuel infrastructure. This infrastructure is needed to ensure the success of fuel cell vehicles. Infrastructure projects, both hydrogen and electric, have helped create new jobs in many part of the state. According to Next 10, a focus on clean transportation has helped bolster the state’s economy.

Clean transportation helps boost state’s economy

Next 10 notes that more than 185,000 people have been employed in the clean transportation sector as of January 2014. The launch of new companies focus on clean vehicles has generate a significant amount of economic activity and will likely continue to do so for years to come. Several initiatives launched by the state government have also made it possible for consumers to purchase electric vehicles more easily, mitigating some of the financial concerns that these consumers have had in the past.

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