Colorado to open its first public hydrogen fuel station

October 9, 2015 0 By Angie Bergenson

State’s first hydrogen station open to the public will soon be open in Golden, Colorado

Colorado will soon open its first public hydrogen fuel station, which will be located in the City of Golden. The new fueling station is part of a large project being managed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The project, called Hydrogen Infrastructure Testing and Research Facility, involves the development of new fueling stations in support of the imminent launch of fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles require a comprehensive infrastructure in order to be successful, and much of the U.S. currently lacks such an infrastructure.

Government agency will showcase the technology used by the station

The new fueling station will provide hydrogen at 700 bar pressure. The station is also the first of its kind located away from the coast. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory will be showcasing the technology that will be put to use at the station. This technology includes electrolysers, pressurized storage solutions, and other such technology. Notably, the station will be able to fuel vehicles in a matter of minutes, which is one of the aspects of fuel cell vehicles that has become quite popular among consumers.

Event will focus on promoting fuel cell technology

Hydrogen Fuel StationThe National Renewable Energy Laboratory has also organized an event for the official launch of the hydrogen fuel station. The event is designed to raise awareness of fuel cell technology and the benefits associated with hydrogen. Fuel cells consume hydrogen in order to produce electrical power. There are no harmful byproducts of this process, with the only byproducts being oxygen and water vapor. This is becoming more important in the transportation space, especially in the U.S., due to strict emissions regulations that are pressuring automakers to produce cleaner vehicles.

Building an infrastructure has been a complicated endeavor in some states

A hydrogen fuel infrastructure has been taking form in the U.S. for the past several years, but building new stations has been slow going and, at times, challenging. In California, where the majority of the country’s hydrogen fuel stations are located, many consumers had reported that these fueling stations were inoperable, which may signal that states and organizations involves in the development of new stations must be more cautious with building these stations and making them accessible to the public.

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