Corporations want to embrace renewable energy

April 7, 2015 0 By Bret Williams

Companies in North Carolina want more choices when it comes to clean energy

Large corporations in North Carolina want to have more options when it comes to the energy they used. Ten of these companies, including Walmart, Target, and Volvo, have sent a letter to the state’s Legislature, calling for revisions to be made to laws that prohibit them from contracting energy providers that are not the state’s utilities. These companies are showing greater interest in renewable energy as an alternative to the conventional power that they have been using for the majority of their history.

Greater energy options could spur economic growth for the state

More options in the state’s energy market may be beneficial to North Carolina in the long term. Firstly, the adoption of clean power may reduce the amount of money that large companies spend on electrical power every year. With large corporations embracing renewable energy, North Carolina will also become more environmentally friendly, with its emissions dropping steadily over the coming years. There would also be an increase in the demand for clean energy projects, which would spur some economic activity.

Legislation will make it possible for companies and consumers to access renewable energy more easily

Corporations Embrace Renewable EnergyNew legislation coming to North Carolina lawmakers may change where large companies can get their electrical power. The legislation, called the Energy Freedom Act, would remove the ban on purchasing electricity from third parties, allowing companies and consumers to make better use of renewable energy. The legislative session has yet to begin, but the legislation already has strong support from a variety of lawmakers that have an interest in renewable energy.

Companies are pressuring lawmakers to show more support for renewable energy

In the letter sent to the state’s Legislature, the large corporations suggested that the availability of renewable energy choices has an impact on where they choose to do businesses. Companies are beginning to pressure lawmakers into forming new policies that will allow for the use of clean energy, rather than stifle the choices that companies have for what sort of energy they can use.

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