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At Fuel Genie Systems we make hydrogen generators. Our generators do use electrolysis to produce hydrogen but in regards to other generators found on the market or with a simple internet search, this is where the similarities end. 

Hydrogen Generator

Our history dates back to 2003 or 2004. Our president after dabbling with HHO kits that plug into the air intake box rationalized that if you could make a hydrogen generator that plugged right off the motor, hence bypassing a very poor interface like air intake manifold box, this type of hydrogen system might actually work. The real task was perfecting a kit that would do such a job without damaging the motor in any way. As with any water type of device attached directly to the motor which provides hydrogen, the water or excess fluids must not enter the motor. Excess fluids leaking into the motor of any vehicle (such as water) will quickly reduce the engine life of any vehicle. So this was the challenge. Create a device that will produce hydrogen and has a direct interface right to the motor. This way the hydrogen gas actually becomes an active part of the closed loop fuel system, it gets vacuumed in and provided to the motor the proper fashion.

This took sometime and many motors were wrecked along the way during R&D testing. But in the end, a Fuel Genie Systems hydrogen generator does interface right off the motor. Our generator has a 5 micron filter on it which allows for the right amount of fluids and gasses to be passed to the motor of the vehicle, in order for the hydrogen system to work properly. The motor vacuum interface, supported by the 5 micron filter, is actually the 1st pillar of our system and allows for gasses to be passed safely to the vehicles motor without damaging it.

The Motor Vacuum Interface; Proper interface for a hydrogen generator

The best way to provide a fuel supplement to the motor is through the closed loop fuel system. A possible scenario is when a consumer adds a fuel supplement to the gasoline tank of his car. It becomes part of the closed loop fuel system as the supplement is drawn in naturally into the fuel system without any breaks in the application of the fuel supplement. Notice the motor vacuum interface in the photo above where a 3/8 inch vacuum hose can be attached, the nipple on the black cap.

At Fuel Genie Systems we use the same principle. Motor vacuum provides oxygen to the engine which allows the gasoline mixture to burn. We tap into the motor vacuum non-intrusively to make our generator part of the closed loop fuel system. In other words, there is no break or interruption when supplying the hydrogen gas to the fuel system. The vehicles natural motor vacuum sucks on the gas in the canister at a constant, even, smooth rate and provides this to the motor in a regulated fashion. This is KEY and what really differentiates us from our competition and allows our kits to work for fuel savings both in the city and on the highway. The ability to draw hydrogen gas from the actual canister where it is made and provide it to the motor in a regulated flow. 

This took a while to figure out, how to make a water type device interface via motor vacuum without hurting the motor. Right around 2010 is when we came up with the motor vacuum interface. As it is hard to figure this interface out, and as you can probably see, no other HHO manufacture has a motor vacuum hydrogen kit, it really stands Fuel Genie Systems apart and gives quite a competitive edge. 

Our competitors use the vehicle’s air intake box to port hydrogen gas into the motor. At Fuel Genie Systems we feel, while this will work for 5% of the cars to give better MPG, that if you have bastardize the fuel system of the car in order for a fuel supplement to be applied to the motor it probably is not going to work right or will be a more miss than hit thing when it comes to getting improved MPG on a vehicle.

Hence the negative consumer and press reviews regarding air intake box or “gravity fed” hydrogen kits. The failed mass transit experiments using these bastardized air intake style of kits in the cities of Vancouver, Edmonton, and Seattle; Early 2000s.

Now I say the motor vacuum interface is the *best* way to provide a hydrogen fuel supplement to the vehicles motor. Can anyone think of a better way? I have seen some pretty weird hydrogen kit designs over my time as President and CEO of Fuel Genie Systems Canada. I’ve even seen one where you drill holes in the block and insert the hydrogen there, through special tubes. Sounds complicated and again it’s bastardizing the motor. Keeping it simple works too. If you can figure out the interface so the water type device does not damage the motor the design of the motor vacuum interface hydrogen generator is simple and the efficiency of it is fantastic.

Our Generator is state of the art in other ways

Wireless Remote Control Kit for Diesel Engines

So what else sets us apart? Well again, the motor vacuum interface really gives us a lot of capabilities and makes things work with the motor as the generator becomes an active part of the closed loop fuel system. 

Check out the other features of our generator:

  • In production 8 years now
  • MICROPROCESSOR Controller Box
  • LED Display showing real time hydrogen gas production
  • Hand Held FOB to change hydrogen gas production for fuel savings; city or highway
  • Titanium core made from the finest rare earth materials
  • 20 to 30% better MPG, Guaranteed
  • 70 to 90% less emissions
  • Freeze hardened to -20F
  • Easy to install – Some consumers can do it with a 10MM socket and a pair of scissors
  • Cheap to buy
  • 5 year guarantee on the core
  • Transfers to your new vehicle without voiding warranty
  • Works for gas, diesel and hybrid electric

The microprocessor changes the amount or volume of gas which the generator makes.

The LED display shows the consumer real time hydrogen gas production which allows them to set gas levels for fuel savings in both the city and highway

The hand held FOB talks to the microprocessor and sets hydrogen gas output.

As the motor vacuum interface gives a smooth and regulated flow of hydrogen to the motor what you see on the LED display, in terms of hydrogen gas being provided to the motor is correct.

Other benefits of using a motor vacuum type of HHO kit

Our kit actually allows a SMALL water vapour component to filter through along with the hydrogen gas. This is *quite* beneficial to the engine. It actually steam cleans the engine and it’s internal compartment(s). We have actual videos of this showing the piston head of a 2001 Isuzu before and after running a Fuel Genie Systems hydrogen generator on it for 1500 miles.

When we stuck a camera down cylinder #1 the piston head is way cleaner than before the addition of the hydrogen generator. This means pistons, valves, cylinders, upper crank case, etc gets steam cleaned by the hydrogen kit and therefore the kit rejuvenates your engine as well. A small amount of water is good for a motor. Too much will wreck it.

I have actually seen engines burning oil and running rough and then with the addition of a hydrogen kit, 90% of the roughness is gone or no more oil shows out of the tail pipe. 

The environmental aspects of using this type of hydrogen generator, along with at least 20 to 30% in fuel savings is astounding. Check out the below video, consider this:

70 to 90% less vehicle emissions. 

All cars become green vehicles.

The PH level of vehicle emissions goes from 4.6 acidic to 6.1 go 6.3; PH neutral.

This last point is a huge win for the environment… Less carbon and acid rain.

What type of increased MPG can consumers expect?

Well, we say our kits work for any vehicle, gas, diesel or hybrid electric. They do, simply put. This example is a customer supplied video showing a 2021 Toyota 4 Runner that now gets 26 MPG at 2 different highway speeds. Before this, the user got the standard factory 17 MPG, highway.

How Simple is it to Install? 

A Fuel Genie Systems hydrogen generator is quite simple to install. Check out this video.


Running a Fuel Genie Systems hydrogen generator saves consumers a lot on gas. In some cases 50%. They are Cheap to buy and easy to install. They help the environment immensely and while allowing the consumer to save money. Their kit is also beneficial to motor life. 


Visit them today at: ( Canada) (USA)

Thanks to all,

Dave Scrivens

President and CEO

Fuel Genie Systems Canada

SE Hydrogen Hybrids

Mileage Masters Canada

*Please note: HFN has no affiliation with any products or services performed. Please enjoy this press release. Thank you.

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