Dantherm Power and Delta Power to bring fuel cells to India’s telecommunications sector

Dantherm Power and Delta Power to bring fuel cells to India’s telecommunications sector

August 1, 2011 0 By Alicia Moore

Famed fuel cell manufacturer Ballard Power has announced that Dantherm Power, a company specializing in backup power system in which Ballard has controlling interest, will be teaming with Delta Power Solutions of India.

Delta Power is one of the world’s leading power management firms and the two will collaborate on the expansion of clean energy in India. Initially, their efforts will be focused on the telecommunications field, but there are plans to branch into other sectors thereafter.

Dantherm and Delta will begin field testing Dantherm’s powerful hydrogen fuel cell systems at a number of telecom sites throughout India. Delta will manage the sites and provide maintenance and will also be able to analyze the performance of the fuel cells. Depending on the success of the field trials, the systems will be incorporated into the larger telecommunications infrastructure.

Ultimately, the field tests will help Delta determine the viability of hydrogen fuel cells.

The technology has been shrouded in skepticism for decades, but recent technological advancements have made fuel cells more efficient and powerful. New fuel cells have shown to surpass the performance of oil in certain applications, yet remain a zero-emissions fuel system. Fuel cells have shown particular prowess in the utilities field, as they provide an uninterruptible source of energy.

As nations continue to move away from oil, efforts are underway to shift infrastructure toward alternative fuels. This partnership will likely pave the way for hydrogen fuel adoption in India.

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