E.ON to use new tool to improve wind energy generation

December 3, 2013 0 By Alicia Moore

General Electric PowerUp platform embraced by E.ON

Wind Energy SystemsE.ON Climate & Renewables has announced that it will be using General Electric’s PowerUp platform in order to boost the performance of its wind turbines. The platform is a customized software-enabled tool that General Electric claims can increase the energy generation of a wind farm by as much as 5%. Given the growing popularity of wind energy, finding ways to boost the performance of wind turbines has been gaining more attention. As such, the PowerUp platform is expected to become quite popular among wind developers.

Platform could help increase performance of wind turbines by as much as 5%

E.ON will be using the PowerUp platform with 469 of its wind turbines. The company will examine the performance of the software platform and track how much it improves the energy generation of the turbines that are using it. Per its agreement with General Electric, E.ON will only pay GE for the platform based on how much it can improve the performance of its wind turbines. A 5% increase in energy generation is ideal, but it is likely that the platform will provide a boost averaging approximately 3% across all the turbines that are making use of the software.

Wind power continues to grow in popularity

Wind energy has become quite popular around the world, largely because of the economic benefits it represents. Many countries have begun turning to wind power in order to find some degree of economic stability. Countries with access to large expanses of ocean territory, such as the United Kingdom, have begun pursuing offshore wind power initiatives as they represent a significant energy opportunity. Both E.ON and General Electric have established a strong foothold in the wind power sector.

Time will tell if PowerUp platform will be a benefit to wind developers

PowerUp may be a major boon for wind power. Improving the performance of wind turbines could provide wind energy with more credibility and make this form of clean power more attractive to parties interested in sustainability and the economic benefits of renewable energy. PowerUp was launched last month, so time will tell whether or not the platform will be able to live up to the expectations of General Electric.

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