First Hydrogen launches new FCEV program in North America

First Hydrogen launches new FCEV program in North America

December 29, 2023 1 By Erin Kilgore

The Canada- and UK-based hydrogen company will begin its program launch in Quebec.

First Hydrogen Corp. has initiated its new hydrogen FCEV program for North America, making way for its next step to build a vehicle assembly facility and green hydrogen production plant in Shawinigan, Quebec.

The goal is to produce as many as 25k vehicles each year.

Eventually, once the assembly facility is operational, the goal is to annually produce up to 25,000 vehicles for distribution throughout North America. The facility is expected to represent a huge boost to green technology jobs in the region as well.

First Hydrogen’s “Hydrogen as-a-Service” model will deliver green hydrogen fuel and zero emission commercial vehicles to customers in the Montreal-Quebec City hub. This will speed up the development of zero-emission ecosystem solutions in the Canadian province.

Stéphane Gagnon will be the lead engineer for the Quebec-based North American hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) development program. With more than 30 years of experience, including working for Bombardier Aéronautique and Novabus, Gagnon will work closely with First Hydrogen Automotive CEO, Steven Gill, and his team.

“Joining First Hydrogen is an important milestone in my career,” said Gagnon about his involvement in the North American FCEV program. “Looking at the success the company has reached in the UK with hydrogen technology and the customer experience really motivates me to implement such a program in North America.”

First Hydrogen’s latest FCEV program launch follows on the heels of its UK program.

Prior to launching the FCEV program in North America, First Hydrogen has run FCEV trials in the UK over the past year. These trials have revealed H2 power will be vital to meeting the critical range, payload towing and fast refueling capabilities that fleet operators require in sectors like parcel delivery, grocery, utilities and mining; sectors that require more than what battery-electric vehicles can provide.

FCEV Program - UK Flag - Cars on Road

“It is important for us to share our knowledge gained from the development of the two UK FCEVs as we add FCEVs in Quebec,” said Francois Morin, vice president of Development — North America.

Morin added that the extra FCEVs “build momentum” as the company moves ahead with the H2 production and vehicle assembly plant planned in Shawinigan.

Expansion and growth.

hydrogen news ebookThe FCEV program in North America is expected to align with First Hydrogen’s plan to expand and with the growth of Quebec’s hydrogen ecosystem.

First Hydrogen plans to develop two extra demonstrator FCEVs it can showcase for potential fleet customers in North America. They also intend to continue with their successful trial program in the UK with interested fleet operators.

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