Strategic alliance among motorsport experts to boost hydrogen technology

Strategic alliance among motorsport experts to boost hydrogen technology

December 8, 2023 1 By Jake Banks

Extreme H, FIA and FIA Formula 1 World Championship have teamed up.

The three organizations have announced they are coming together to form a joint Hydrogen Technical Working Group to evaluate hydrogen technology development and potential applications for H2 within motorsport and wider mobility.

Each organization has appointed a representative to the group.

The group is comprised of:

  • Mark Grain, Extreme E Technical Director (who is leading the series’ transition to Extreme H, the world’s first off-road hydrogen motor racing championship, which is set to begin in 2025)
  • Pat Symonds, F1 (Formula 1) Chief Technical Officer
  • Nikolas Tombazis, FIA (The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) Single Seater Director

The strategic alliance will see these three reps bring together their combined expertise. The objective of the Hydrogen Working Group will be to monitor the progress and development of hydrogen technology, particularly in regard to fuel cells and battery systems. Both will be utilized in Extreme H’s first-generation racing chassis.

The group will also monitor the progression and development of hydrogen technology within race site infrastructure, charging, transportation, storage and management, as well as its safety implications.

Evaluating the potential of hydrogen technology is important to the Extreme H series.

According to an Extreme E press release, development of the first Extreme H series is underway. The series has plans with its partner Spark to launch a prototype hydrogen-powered chassis with a “first full-speed shakedown” near the end of 2023. This will be followed by a comprehensive testing program early in 2024.

Hydrogen technology - Extreme E Race - 1019961327-LAT-20231202-XP2305_164040_AF27360 - Image Souce - Extreme E

Extreme E Race -Image Source: Extreme E

What’s more, as previously reported by Hydrogen Fuel News, Extreme H is set to become a FIA Championship from its starting season in 2025. From there, the plan is for it to become a FIA World Championship from 2026, pending the relevant approvals by the FIA World Motor Sport Council.
FIA is the technical regulator and sporting authority of the Extreme E championship and will be responsible for the Extreme H competition’s technical, sporting and safety regulations.

Minimizing motorsport’s environmental impact.

hydrogen news ebook“It’s a privilege to be working alongside Formula 1 and the FIA as we continue to develop our world-first hydrogen racing proposition,” said Mark Grain about the joint Hydrogen Technical Working Group. “Our transition to Extreme H makes us the pioneers and first-ever testbed of hydrogen technology in motorsport – not only in our racing cars, but also transportation, infrastructure, refuelling processes and safety regulations.”

The Extreme E, and the FIA Extreme H Championship from 2025, aim to reduce environmental impact while boosting awareness of the most pressing issues Earth’s future faces. The races occur in locations that have already been damaged or impacted by human interference or climate faqs and hydrogen answers

FAQs About FIA Extreme H Championship and Hydrogen Race Car
  1. What is the FIA Extreme H Championship? The FIA Extreme H Championship is a hydrogen-powered motor racing championship set to begin in 2025. It’s a transition from the existing Extreme E championship, with a focus on minimizing environmental impact while raising awareness about climate change and environmental issues.

  2. What is the purpose of the Hydrogen Working Group? The Hydrogen Working Group is a joint initiative by FIA, Formula 1, and Extreme H. Its role is to monitor and evaluate the progression and development of hydrogen technology in motorsport and wider mobility. This includes fuel cells, battery systems, infrastructure at race sites, transportation, charging, storage, and management.

  3. Who is building the prototype for the hydrogen-powered chassis? Extreme H is working in partnership with Spark to develop a prototype hydrogen-powered chassis. They plan to commence testing in early 2024.

  4. Who will oversee the technical, sporting, and safety regulations for the Extreme H championship? The FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) will be responsible for all technical, sporting, and safety regulations for the Extreme H championship.

  5. Is there any crossover between Extreme H and Formula 1? Yes, there is a notable crossover and scope for cooperation between Extreme H and Formula 1. Three of Extreme E’s teams are owned by F1 World Champions, and McLaren Racing has teams in both Extreme E and Formula E.

  6. How will the FIA Extreme H Championship contribute to the development of hydrogen propulsion? The collaboration between Extreme H, FIA, and Formula 1 will significantly contribute to understanding and developing hydrogen propulsion in motorsport.

  7. What is the broader goal of the FIA Extreme H Championship? Beyond the thrill of racing, the FIA Extreme H Championship has a mission to take fans deep into the heart of the most pressing issues facing our planet’s future. It aims to use the platform of motorsport to promote awareness and action on climate change and environmental issues.


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