FEF launches first-of-its-kind hydrogen station in the US

FEF launches first-of-its-kind hydrogen station in the US

April 30, 2024 0 By Tami Hood

It’s a hydrogen refueling station dedicated to commercial H2 trucks.

At first glance this might not sound much like a major feat, considering this isn’t the first hydrogen station the California-based company has opened. However, what makes this FirstElement Fuel (FEF) station exceptionally significant is that it’s the first one of its kind in America to service commercial trucks powered by hydrogen.

It also boasts a world first.

Beyond being a first for the US, the hydrogen station features the first heavy-duty truck H70 fast-fill lane in the world, designed to provide efficient H2 refueling.

Another reason this isn’t an average hydrogen station is that its capacity is over 10 times the capacity of any of FEF’s previous stations. According to FEF, the H2 refueling station – located in a strategic location just outside the Port of Oakland, California – can fill a truck’s hydrogen tanks in ten minutes (per 80kg fill). This allows it to fill about 200 trucks daily, thanks to its two heavy-duty pumps.

Additionally, the station is equipped with four light- and medium-duty pumps to serve California’s H2 passenger car market.

The new hydrogen station is the result of a joint effort.

The station is part of a state-funding NorCal Zero project that was developed together with Hyundai Motor Company and the Center for Transportation and the Environment. Funding for the project came from the California Energy Commission and the California Air Resources Board.

Hydrogen Station - Image of H2 Truck

Beyond serving Hyundai XCIENT H2 trucks, FEF also has a partnership with Nikola that will allow Nikola customers to access fueling services at the new stations as well.

A next-gen cryopump is in the station’s future.

Currently, the hydrogen station at the Port of Oakland uses a cryopump, which converts liquid hydrogen into cold, compressed H2 in a single stage. Through a partnership with Bosch Rexroth, FirstElement Fuel plans to retrofit the station with Bosch’s next-generation cryopump, which is able to dispense an impressive 100kg in 10 minutes.  

FEF is among the top GreenTech companies in the US.

hydrogen news ebookAt least, it is according to Time Magazine, where it recently ranked 36th out of the 250 American companies that made the news magazine’s inaugural list of “America’s Top GreenTech Companies of 2024”.

What’s more, FirstElement Fuel isn’t only a leader in green technology, it also claims to be a world leader in hydrogen stations, with facilities ranging across California. Presently, it has over 40 retail light-duty stations throughout the state and plans to continue dominating the hydrogen refueling solutions space by developing more stations to serve hydrogen-powered heavy-duty trucks.

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