FirstElement Fuel ranks among Time Magazine’s top 40 US GreenTech companies

FirstElement Fuel ranks among Time Magazine’s top 40 US GreenTech companies

April 24, 2024 0 By Alicia Moore

The US company placed 36th out of 250 in Time’s inaugural list.

A global leader in hydrogen refueling solutions, California-based FirstElement Fuel Inc. (FEF) made Time Magazine’s inaugural list of “America’s Top GreenTech Companies of 2024”. The company ranked among the top 40, placing 36th out of the 250 American companies recognized for lowering environmental impact.    

FEF’s high ranking is the result of its dedication to hydrogen mobility.

FirstElement Fuel is a global leader in hydrogen refueling solutions. The company received its high ranking in “America’s Top GreenTech Companies 2024” list created by Time (in partnership with Statista) for meeting key criteria. Among these criteria included innovative drive, revenue, and environmental impact.

Since its inception in 2013, FEF’s goal has remained constant. The company seeks to change the automotive industry and the world by fostering the widespread adoption of hydrogen-powered vehicles, improving the economics of driving, and lowering harmful emissions. Throughout its existence, the company has risen above significant challenges and, to this day, continues to break records as a world leader in H2 refueling solutions.  Now, even Time Magazine has recognized its green efforts.

FEF Founder and Executive Chairman, Joel Ewanick stated in a recent news release announcing the Time Magazine honor that the company is “humbled to be recognized and thankful for the continued support” it receives from its partners and investors.” Ewanick went on to give special mention to the State of California for its “dedication to hydrogen mobility” which supported FEF in its efforts to “drive unprecedented innovation” in the hydrogen mobility space.

Much of FirstElement Fuel’s success is due to it being based in California.

One of the reasons FirstElement Fuel has achieved its position as a leader in the H2 refueling space is due to it being headquartered in California, which has the largest hydrogen fuel network in the US, including the nation’s only publicly available hydrogen fuel network.  

FirstElement Fuel - Image of California Flag and an H2 refueling station

FEF’s hydrogen dispensers are located throughout the state, with all 89 of its True Zero branded H2 dispensers strategically placed from San Diego, throughout the LA basin and the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as other locations in between to ensure connectivity.

Tyson Eckerle, Senior Advisor for Clean Infrastructure and Mobility at the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, said, “We are proud that FirstElement Fuel, a home-grown California company, is being recognized as a GreenTech leader in the U.S.” Eckerle added that H2 will play a “significant role” in meeting California’s climate goals.

Not just any hydrogen.

hydrogen news ebookThe design and deployment of its high-capacity hydrogen refueling stations (HRS) – capable of refueling 4 vehicles at the same time and delivering best-in-class performance – is one of FirstElement Fuel’s major achievements and contributions to the hydrogen mobility sector. It’s also a world first. However, what makes FEF’s HRS solutions particularly notable – and even more worthy of its Time Magazine ranking – is that the hydrogen dispensed from every one of its stations is certified net-zero carbon (by the California Air Resources Board on well-to-wheels basis), across the full length of its lifecycle.

Up next for the company is the launch of its heavy-duty truck hydrogen refueling station, for heavy-duty, medium-duty, and light-duty H2 vehicles. This station will mark another world first for FEF(the largest of its kind), and is slated to open in May.

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