Hong Kong’s first double-decker hydrogen bus hits roads in less than a month

Hong Kong’s first double-decker hydrogen bus hits roads in less than a month

February 21, 2024 0 By Angie Bergenson

The H2 bus has begun non-passenger road testing.

Citybus, a bus company that provides franchised and non-franchised service in Hong Kong, and owner of the double-decker hydrogen bus, has revealed that the hydrogen-powered passenger vehicle has kicked off a series of road tests without passengers.

A refueling station was built for the bus.

In addition to this being the city’s first hydrogen bus, Citybus has constructed a hydrogen refueling station, which is also the city’s first. The H2 station was completed at the end of 2023, a year after the H2 bus was unveiled. It was around this time that the company obtained permission from the Transport Department to use the hydrogen double-decker bus for transport services.

The hydrogen bus has undergone a full 200 km test.

Generating zero emissions, the hydrogen bus is more eco-friendly than the diesel alternatives currently in operation throughout Hong Kong. So far, the bus has completed a full 200 km (125 mile) test at Citybus’ West Kowloon depot as well as has been refueled multiple times at the H2 station. Refueling of the bus takes around 10 minutes and the bus can travel up to 400 km (248.5 miles) on one refueling.

What’s more, Citybus has also launched a training program for engineers and bus drivers to ensure that those who operate the bus and station know how to do so safely. According to the company the first round of engineers and bus drivers have completed the training.   

Marking a major milestone

According to Kenny So, Citybus’ general manger for engineering, the current non-passenger road testing of the double-decker hydrogen bus will occur at the Kai Tak operating area, where the bus will provide services to customers during the initial stage.

Citybus Double-Decker Hydrogen Bus - Image Source - Citybus

Citybus Double-Decker Hydrogen Bus – Image Source: Citybus

“We look forward to creating the opportunity for the public to experience this brand-new hydrogen vehicle within a month, marking a major milestone in the new chapter of the hydrogen era in Hong Kong,” So said.

A fleet of hydrogen buses by 2045.

hydrogen news ebookCitybus reportedly plans to roll out no less than five H2 buses and build a second hydrogen station at its Hong Kong Island Chong Fu Depot in 2025. Its goal is to operate an entire fleet of zero-emission passenger buses by 2045. If this hydrogen bus objective is achieved, the company will be five years ahead of the government’s 2050 carbon neutrality target.

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